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RCMNS 2019 Granada “Continental-marine interactions during the Neogene in the Mediterranean area”


Facultad de Ciencias – UGR

Congreso / Biostratigraphy


The geological history of terrestrial and marine basins in the Mediterranean area are often disconnected, precluding for a good understanding of the timing of geological processes (e.g., climate, tectonics) and their environmental responses recorded in both continental and marine environments through time. A significant effort has been made in the last decades to improve our knowledge about this matter and previous studies, for example, provided with a solid framework for marine-continental bio-chronostratigraphic correlations, which facilitated the comparison between basins. In this respect, studies done on sedimentary sequences recording well-dated continental-marine interactions are of special importance.

Further work on this subject needs to be done and consequently, the Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy (RCMNS) decided to devote a special interim colloquium to this particular topic.

In this interim colloquium, we invite contributions that report on progress in the geological study (stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, paleoenvironments, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, tectonics, geomorphology) of sedimentary archives documenting continental-marine interactions covering time intervals of special interest in the Neogene of the Mediterranean region.

Topics including (all Mediterranean Neogene):

  • Paleoceanography – glacio-eustatic fluctuations
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Biostratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy
  • Mammal succession, dispersals and correlations
  • Tectonics – geodynamics
  • Geomorphology