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Granada has been the crucible of cultures and civilizations, where, during centuries, christians, muslims and jews lived altogether. Nowadays, Granada is a modern city that has an uncommon scientific and cultural background, along with the University and the institutes of CSIC (High Council of Scientific Investigations) and an architectural, natural and historic patrimony like no other. Likewise, the city owns a grown and active corporte environment made up of companies based on knowledge, standing out those related to the health campus and new technologies. To all these values, we should add an extensive cultural activity and the well-known hospitality of the people from Andalucia which brings a warm welcome to their guests.

Granada welcomes every year more than 2,5 millions of nationally and international turists driven here for the excellent turistic offers, the weather and the culture, with the Alhambra as the most emblematic and visited monument in Spain.

Las Alpujarras

The region of mountain villages known as Las Alpujarras clings to the southern flanks of the Sierra Nevada, cloven by deep, sheltered valleys and gorges which run down towards the Mediterranean. The Alpujarra, as it is popularly known, in the singular, is famous throughout Spain because of its unique mini-ecology. Its terraced farmlands are constantly watered by the melting snow from above, constituting a high-altitude (1,200m above sea on average) oasis of greenery which stands in dramatic contrast to the arid foothills below.

The cultural interest of the region lies in its fifty-odd villages, which were the last stronghold of the Spanish Muslims. Soon after the Castillians took Granada in 1492, all the city´s Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity. Those who refused took to the hills, settling in this remote, inaccessible area where every village has retained its traditional Berber architecture.

Conference Venue

  • Venue address: Hotel Villa de Bubión - Barrio Alto s/n 18412 – Bubión , Granada (Spain)

The Hotel Villa de Bubión is a characteristic complex in the heart of the mountains of Sierra Nevada, made up of several buildings all harmonised with the natural environment of the region, La Alpujarra. It is located close to the city of Granada (Spain) and only 2 hours by car from Sierra Nevada Ski Resort. The Villa features a pleasant outdoor swimming pool, a nice terrace, a restaurant, a bar-café and a reception active 24 hours a day. For further information, you can visit its website:

The accommodation and the meals are included in the registration fee. You will share 2-4 person houses with people of the same gender. Bed sheets and towels will be available in your room. Regarding the dietary requirements, we will follow the options you selected in your application and provide suitable food for everyone. Please contact us if you have any requirement that you haven’t mentioned in your application.

Transport Info

First bus will depart at 16:00 from Málaga Airport to Bubión
Second bus will depart at 21:30 from Málaga Airport to Bubión

Buses will depart at 08:00 from the hotel in Granada to Málaga Airport