New Materials and Devices I

Tuesday 20

10:00 – 10:20 Monomaterial Schottky Junction based on Semimetals

Farzan Gity1, Lida Ansari1, Martin Lanius2, Peter Schüffelgen2, Gregor Mussler2, Detlev Grützmacher2, and J. C. Greer1,3

1Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Lee Maltings, Dyke Parade, Cork T12 R5CP, Ireland

2Peter Grünberg Institute 9 and Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA-FIT), Research Center Jülich, 52425 Jülich, Germany

3University of Nottingham Ningbo China, 199 Taikang Road, Ningbo, 315100, China

10:20 – 10:40 Large Area Growth of Non-intentionally Doped MoS2 in a 300mm Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor

Jun Lin1, Scott Monaghan1, James Connolly1, Farzan Gity1, Michael Schmidt1, Lee A. Walsh1, Teresa Mannarino1, Conor Cullen2, Niall McEvoy2, Georg Duesberg2,3, Roger E. Nagle1, Ian M. Povey1, Paul K. Hurley1

1Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland

2CRANN and AMBER Research Centres, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

3Universität der Bundeswehr, München, Germany

10:40 – 11:00 Current and Shot Noise at Spin-dependent Hopping in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

Viktor Sverdlov and Siegfried Selberherr

Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien, Gußhausstraße 27-29, A-1040 Wien, Austria