• How do I register for the conference? Which is the registration deadline?

Registration for the conference must be done online, through the Conference website https://congresos.ugr.es/sysorm17/registration/ before registration deadline on 7th September 2017. Note that registration is required to all participants (even if you will not present a communication).

If there is any problem during the registration or submission process, please let us know by sending a mail to sysorm17@ugr.es

  • Can I submit my research for presentation at the conference?

Yes. You can submit a presentation as long as you are a PhD student or have not spent more than three years since reading your dissertation.

  • How do I have to submit my communication? Who must do it? Which is the submission deadline?

Submission deadline will also be on 7th September 2017. Any contributed or invited speakers must submit the abstract (one page maximum). Please, read carefully the instructions during the submission process as well as the details provided in the .tex template file by clicking “Submit communication” in their private area on the website. Only the .tex file is required in the submission process. Remember that you need to have registered before the submission process.

  • How long is scheduled for a talk as invited speaker? How long is scheduled for a talk as contributed speaker?

Invited talks will be scheduled to last between 15 and 20 minutes, while contributed talks will last between 10 and 15 minutes. Program will be announced after the submission and payment period.

  • I plan to attend as a listener, do I have to submit any document?

No. You must be registered and logged in before 7th September 2017.

  • I have already submitted an abstract as contributed / invited speaker, when will I know the decision of the scientific committee?

Your acceptance / rejection will be communicated to you before 21st September 2017.

  • If I am a listener or a contributed / invited speaker, how can I make the payment?

The payment period will be from 21st September to 30th September 2017. Remember that if you plan to attend as invited / contributed speaker, your abstract has to be accepted.

  • How I can get accommodation for an accompanying person?

We can manage it. Send an email to sysorm17@ugr.es and we will do it for you. Remember that a companion will not attend to the conference. If you are a companion and you wish to attend, please see details about the registration and payment process for listeners. 

  • Where can I find travel and tourism information?

See https://congresos.ugr.es/sysorm17/venue-and-accommodation/

  • Where will take place the Conference? How can I arrive there?

Conference will take place at the “Instituto de Matemáticas (IEMATH-GR)”. On the conference website https://congresos.ugr.es/sysorm17/venue-and-accommodation/ you will find all the information about how to reach there. 

  • What is included in the conference fee for contributed / invited speakers?

The amount of registration fee, for contributed and invited researchers, is 170 € and will include the following:

    • Three conference lunches.
    • Welcome pack and registration (on Monday 13th November)
    • Conference dinner (14th November; details to be announced).
    • Sightseeing cultural guide tour by Albayzín (14th November, details to be announced).
    • 3 nights accommodation (13-15th November)  at “Hotel Don Juan”. Breakfast is also included.  More details about the accomodation can be found in https://congresos.ugr.es/sysorm17/venue-and-accommodation/


  • What is included in the conference fee for listeners?

A limited number of researchers will be also allowed to attend (with no presentation) the conference. The registration fee is 65 € and includes the following:

    • Coffee breaks during the conference.
    • Three conference lunches.
    • Sightseeing cultural guide tour by Albayzín (14th November, details to be announced).

Note that accommodation and conference dinner is not included with this fee for listeners. If you plan to attend to the dinner, please let us know after the registration process by sending a mail to sysorm17@ugr.es. We will give you details about how to proceed with the payment . If you also need accommodation in Granada, we can book for you in “Hotel Don Juan” (35 € night/person, breakfast is also included); please, let us know by sending an e-mail to sysorm17@ugr.es.

  • Do you plan to attend to the “IX Jornadas de Usuarios de R” conference?

It will be held in Granada on the 16th-17th November 2017, so it could be a good opportunity to attend both meetings. If you want accommodation for these three extra nights, we can book for you in “Hotel Don Juan” (35 € night/person, breakfast is also included); please, let us know by mailing to sysorm17@ugr.es.