Oxford University Press Workshop

Designing “learning situations” to nurture English with very young learners (On-site)

Ángela Álvarez-Cofiño (Oxford University Press) acofino@telecable.es 

In this practical workshop we will see ideas, resources and tips to work a learning situation with very young learners. Based on the topic “Teeth” (as from the age of 5 children start losing their milk teeth and this is an almost everyday situation we find in our classes!) we will develop a learning situation to help children understand what happens to milk teeth, why they get so excited when they have got a wobbly tooth, practice some phonics with “teeth” vocabulary, maths, games, songs, practical experiments… A multisensory approach where kids will learn a lot about teeth using English as the communication language in class.

Santillana-Richmond Workshop

Bounce into learning!   (On-site)

Raquel Macarrón (Richmond-Santillana/Sanoma) rmacarronu@gmail.com

In this workshop we will start talking about classroom management, how to sit our students to promote collaborative work, strategies to manage the space and time, behaviour and even activities! Then, we will move on to how to work on CLIL in Science: Get ready to use drama to learn the human body systems and  see lots of practical ideas and examples that really work in the classroom.

Raquel Macarrón is a fully experienced  CLIL teacher, she has worked in many bilingual programmes in and out of Spain. She is also a teacher trainer in CLIL, Phonics and active methodologies.

Jolly Phonics Workshop

New developments, teaching ideas, and how to get the most from Jolly Phonics  (On-site)

Chris Jolly, Coral George & Yoana Gurriz Munoz (Jolly Phonics) chris@jollylearning.co.uk

“Jolly Phonics” is one of the best programmes to teach English in a foreign context.  Success, which is proven by the results the students achieve in many schools in Spain for nearly 20 years. Loved by children and valued by teachers. Students enjoy the multisensory and interactive approach, where they become part of their learning, improving their oral and listening skills, but becoming fluent at reading and writing independently in English as a foreign language.

Come and join us in an interactive session.  Christopher Jolly, the publisher, will describe new developments with the programme.  Coral George will show ways to improve the literacy skills of your youngest students, even when English is not their first language.  And Yoana Munoz will describe the bilingual Spanish/English development which she has edited, and which is now on trial. 

Christopher Jolly is Managing Director of Jolly Learning Ltd, the publisher of Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.  He was a teacher for two years in Malaysia, followed by a first career in consumer marketing.  He founded his publishing company in 1987, and has travelled to over 100 countries promoting the business.  He started a philanthropic side of the business, Jolly Futures, which has donated materials and training to government schools in developing countries, reaching over 4m pupils.  Chris has been awarded honorary doctorates by the University of Uyo in Nigeria, and by his alma mater, Bristol University.  He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the IPG, a UK publishers association, in 2017.  

Coral George is a world wide speaker, and a “Synthetic Phonics Ambassador” who works closely with Education Inspectors, Universities and Local Authorities;  Coral is a Jolly Learning, Phonics International and Floppy´s Phonics trainer; has world wide experience and has been trained by Sue Lloyd,  Sarah Wernham, Debbie Hepplewhite, Ruth Miskin and Ross Wilson in United Kingdom. Qualified as a teacher in Britain, started her career teaching in England followed by some time in Egypt before finally joining the Spanish Ministry of Education/British Council “Bilingual Education Project”. After implementing Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, Coral achieved high standards of literacy. Coral was providing synthetic phonics teacher-training years before the UK government made it prescriptive. Coral has also collaborated with SM. –Spanish Publisher, developing a phonics programme suitable for young learners, “Power Phonics” SM. Coral is a Tedx speaker, (Madrid Cibeles 2011) empowering teachers through “Synthetic Phonics”.

Yoana Gurriz Munoz is originally from Mexico, and has lived in Spain, but now resides in the UK.  She is a designer and editor at Jolly Learning.

Cambridge Workshop

Making an early start: Developing life competencies and socialisation skills in the pre-primary classroom  (On-site)

Rachael Jeffries (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) rachel.jeffries@cambridge.org 

How can we encourage our very young learners to become responsible and independent, while also developing their self-control, empathy and social and linguistic skills? In this session we will discuss what the research tells us as well as introduce practical classroom activities for you to try with your learners.

Rachel started her teaching career over 10 years ago as a secondary teacher of Drama. She has experience in teaching a wide range of ages and nationalities, in various countries. She holds the PGDE and the DELTA. Rachel is Pedagogical Lead at Cambridge University Press and Assessment Iberia.

Trinity College London Workshop

Communicative activities for Trinity Stars (Virtual)

Lola Reeves Garay-Abad  (Trinity College London) info@trinitycollege.eu

The participants will be able to explore some practical, hands-on ideas on how to prepare candidates for Trinity Stars. The session will include an overview of activities related to each of the stages of the assessment, and footage of the children’s productions, as well as some co-operative and communicative activities. etc..

Lola Reeves Garay-Abad is a teacher, a teacher trainer and a specialist in SLA, SLDs and CLIL. She has been in education for over 20 years. She has managed academic programs, published classroom material and created and delivered teaching development programs, conferences and workshops for educators in mainstream education and language teaching in Spain, Portugal, the UK.