Participants (speakers and attendees) will be able to choose either to attend the on-site conference in Granada or the virtual one.


On-site conference will consist on:

As a speaker, you will be able to present up to two communications in the following modalities:

  1. Individual papers: 15 min communication + 5 min discussion in a 60-min thematic panel.
  2. Self-organised symposium: 3-4 different communications around a topic in a 60 min slot with at least 15 minutes for discussion. The chair of the symposium will need to select and organise the papers included.
  3. Poster presentation. Poster presenters will display their posters (detailed formatting information will be given after acceptance) in the morning and time for discussion and debating will be scheduled in the conference programme.
  4. PED-talks: short oral presentations (10-12 min) of innovative teaching practices and experiences. Usually by in-service practitioners. Time for Qs&As will be given at the end of the PED panel.

As an  attendee, you will be able to attend the complete academic programme of both the on-site and the virtual conference.


Virtual conference will consist on:

  • If you are a virtual speaker (VS), you will have to prepare and upload a short video (approximately 8-10 min) with your presentation to a platform (information will be given after acceptance) before June 1st, 2022. You can participate with a maximum of two online communicationsForum slots to interact with participants will be scheduled during the conference. As a VS, you will have access to the conference as a virtual attendee. You will have the same opportunities for publication as on-site speakers.
  • If you are a virtual attendee (VA), during the week of the conference you will have access to all the virtual programme (short video-recorded papers), as well as the streaming access to the keynote conferences, and other live events.
    Forum debates will be programmed in the virtual conference to interact among participants during the three days of the conference.

Want to submit a proposal? download our CALL FOR PAPERS (CFP) or go to our submission platform.

NOTE: Please note that the organising committee may need to adapt any of these modalities depending on the pandemic evolution.